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The River Cafe Wedding in Brooklyn, NY

Margarita & Brandon


Okay, so I may be biased because I love New York City, but weddings at the River Cafe might be one of my favorite spots... like ever. First, you have the intimate ceremony & dining experience of a smaller venue, coupled with the view of being directly under the Brooklyn Bridge & of course the entire eastern side of the Manhattan Skyline. What could be better than to clink champagne to toast your new life as a married couple, while the sun sets behind the iconic Statue of Liberty?

Not only is The River Cafe a stunning backdrop for wedding photos, it's also in walking distance to the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, the perfect spot to have both parties get ready in the morning & spend the night. The windows are massive, natural light is abundant, & the rooms are more spacious than you'd assume for anything in the city known for its small nooks & crannies.

To top it all off, locations for bride & groom portraits, family photos, & bridal party are boundless, from woodsy, green pathways in Brooklyn Bridge Park that funnel into the dreamiest view of Manhattan, to under the Brooklyn Bridge & Jane's Carousel, to brownstones & stoops in Brooklyn Heights' neighborhood, the opportunities for stunning photographs are plentiful - a photographer's dream!

Enjoy highlights from Margarita & Brandon's wedding day where we began at the 1 Hotel & ended at The River Cafe for their classic & intimate green and white Sunday brunch wedding in mid-September.



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