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Tatum Park Wedding in Middletown, NJ

Chelsea & Andrew


Chelsea & Andrew took on wedding planning by storm, meticulously working through every detail on their own as they planned everything themselves. This is something I view as brave, as I know now from being in the midst of planning my own wedding that doing it "do-it-yourself" is not for the faint of heart. However, there is a certain pull for making every decision as a team, putting hard work into your wedding day that transcends the extravagance of larger, more traditional celebrations. They foster a profound sense of authenticity & intimacy, with smaller guest lists, details that you may not be allowed to have at traditional venues such as food trucks, & an atmosphere of connection due to the hands-on nature of planning the best day of their lives from scratch. Tatum Park Holland Activity Center was essentially in their backyard, near their quaint home they recently purchased in Middletown, New Jersey. They began the day getting ready there & took a white SlugBug to their ceremony & reception - the cutest detail.

I could tell that Chelsea & Andrew were able to prioritize what truly mattered to them, with fewer logistical constraints, they could focus on their shared values and the significance of their commitment. By paring down the event to its essence, couples create an experience that feels deeply meaningful and authentic, not only to them but also to their loved ones who get to witness their love story in an unfiltered and profound way. In the end, it's the simplicity and intimacy of a DIY wedding that make it truly magical, reminding us that love is the most important element of any celebration.



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